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Author Checklist

New Journal of Urology will not accept articles before the instructions are completed. https://dergipark.org.tr/en/pub/yud/writing-rules

1.    An application letter must be written to the editor.    
2.    A cover letter must be prepared with;
          Corresponding author's e-mail address, postal address, institution and telephone number information.    
          ORCID numbers of all authors should be written completely.
          Instructions should be read to the authors.    Titles should be created by the instructions.
          Structured abstracts should be prepared completely (maximum 250 words).
          Keywords should be written according to the medical topic's title (MeSH max 6 words). 
7.    The article should be divided into appropriate sections according to its type.
8.    Data in all figures and tables must be placed by the rules (Maximum 5 available).
9.    Tables;
       References should be shown in numerical order,
        It should be labeled originally or with details of its sources,
        It should be specified in the text.
10.  Figures;
        It should be labeled originally or with details of its sources,
        Their titles should be marked in the text.
11.   Use of resources; references should be written in full and following the rules.
12.   Original articles should be a maximum of 3,000 words (max. 30 references should be used).    
13.   Case reports should be a maximum of 2,000 words (max. 10 references should be used).
14.   In reviews, a maximum of 4,000 words and a maximum of 50 references should be used.    
15.   Conflict of interest should be indicated in the notes at the end of the article.
16.   A copy of the “Ethics Committee Approval” (for all articles) must be sent to the journal.
17.   "Informed Consent Form" for all studies conducted on humans it should be taken and sent to the journal.
18.   "Copyright Agreement&Acknowledgement of Authorship Form" must be filled in and sent to the journal.
19.   A "Language Control and Correction Certificate" should be obtained and sent to the journal.

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