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Editorial Board Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Editor

1. Providing guidelines to authors for preparing and submitting manuscripts (https://newjournalurology.com/author-guidelines )
2. Providing a clear statement of the journal’s policies on authorship criteria (https://newjournalurology.com/author-guidelines )
3. Maintain the highest standards of ethics and competence.
4. Advance the standing of the journal in the scientific community and increase its impact
5. Select Editorial Board members for the journal
6. Selection and guidance of reviewers and review process
7. Oblige to hide the identity information of the author and the reviewer by double-blind evaluation.
8. Avoid situations of real or perceived conflicts of interest
9. Making final decision on acceptance / rejection of manuscript.
10. Promote the journal at relevant conferences and other public events.
11. Organize special issues.
12. Contributing Editorials and relevant scientific articles.
13. To be responsible for the editorial control and quality of the Journal, including the soliciting, editing and publication of submissions.
14. To ensure the timely publication of the Journal


Responsibilities of the Deputy Editor

1. Maintain the highest standards of ethics and competence.
2. Supervise editing of manuscripts for each issue with respect to scientific writing and layout conventions
3. Collaborate with the Editors-in-Chief to identify and recruit new Editors and Editorial Advisory Board members for the journal.
4. Establishing a system for effective and rapid peer review
5. Making editorial decisions with reasonable speed and communicating them in a clear and constructive manner
6. Establishing clear guidelines for authors regarding acceptable practices for sharing experimental materials and information, particularly those required to replicate the research, before and after publication
7. Using established the best practices, monitor journal and competitor statistics, prepare data reports for internal and external reporting, and draft monitoring reports
8. Avoid situations of real or perceived conflicts of interest
9. Suggesting changes to enhance the content quality of the journal.
10. Systematic evaluation of the review reports, hold vital decision on paper acceptance or rejection.
11. Promote the journal at conferences and meetings
12. Make decisions on whether authors have met reviewer concerns and provide final editing of manuscript before approval


Responsibilities of Biotatistics Editor

1- The Statistics Editor evaluates the manuscript before the peer review process.
2- The statistics editor's opinion is at the level as same as the reviewer's opinion
3- Facilitate peer review for submitted manuscripts with a special focus on reviewing the statistical aspect
4- Joining the editorial leadership team along with the Journal’s other Deputy Editor


Responsibilities of Language Editor

1- Edit content for grammatical, punctuational, and formatting errors
2- Performs language editing, translation, and/or quality audit
3- Generally aware of the best practices and medical trends in writing/translation
4- Independently communicate with editors/authors regarding translation/editing queries
5- Enhance author’s text to improve the overall readability of research articles.
6- Raise author queries where required and incorporate changes accordingly.
7- Rearranging sentences and paragraphs.